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What percentage of people in India do not buy a car due to lack of parking space?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

In this digital era, everybody is in a hurry. Time is valuable, and everyone is trying to make the most of it. Saving time means travelling faster, and to travel fast, people rely on their private vehicles. This is the main reason behind the rapid increase in the number of vehicles. With more and more vehicles hitting the roads, there are two big challenges in front of us, traffic congestion and lack of parking space.

Imagine that you have booked tickets to watch your favourite movie on a weekend. You are waiting for the day with excitement and drive to the mall to watch the movie. But for your bad luck, the parking space is full, and you miss the opening scene of the movie. This is just one example of how the lack of parking space is causing inconvenience.

Traffic congestion is a problem, which we are well aware of, as the situation is getting worse in metro cities. One more challenge we are facing is the lack of parking space. Yes, in India. only the vehicles have increased, and the parking spaces in cities have remained the same. Now, the rising demand for parking space has turned out to be the next big problem after traffic congestion.

With the rapid growth of the economy, owning a car is not a big deal, but finding a parking spot has become a treasure hunt. Everybody wants to drive their car, and it is this mindset that has caused the parking space crisis. So, what is the solution to the parking space crisis? problem such as

  • Saturated parking spaces

  • Unregulated tariffs

  • On-Street vs. Off-Street Parking

So, to manage the crisis we here in OPS PARKING we have a solution

first we manage unused space to parking

we provide all the tool to locate and ease the movement of parking search

with the vision of making parking to be more simplifed .

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